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Divorce hit me like a freight train, and the struggle to stay close with my kids crushed me.

Add the legal tidal wave, resentments, and financial issues, along with moving out of the house, and you're talking about some weight that's getting too heavy to lift.

Your kids have you. Who do you have?

That's why I'm here and what this site is about. Helping dads get their kids back who have been affected by divorce.

I understand what it's like and am available to help you through this.

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How do you make it through your divorce and stay connected with your kids?

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This isn't the family life you imagined. You've had some good times with the kids, and I'm sure there have been some tantrums, but no matter the past, divorce has changed your family life forever.

If you're ready to be the dad you want to be, I've combined everything I learned about staying connected with my kids through the divorce into the "Get Your Kids Back Program."



I help dads stay connected with their kids by sharing my experience of going through a difficult divorce. It's tough on kids, but I've come through the other side and enjoy a great relationship with them today.

I've got a doctorate from Chicago Medical School and am experienced in the diagnosis, counseling, and healing for people in distress. This background, along with my divorce and many years as a dad, led met to coaching others. I'm here to help succeed and enjoy the important thing in your life. Your kids.

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